What do you need to start a YouTube channel for your business?

You have your business, you have your website and you think maybe entering the video world would be a good idea. So what do you need to start a YouTube channel?

Is special equipment¬†necessary? I know that all these questions may constrain you from taking action. That ‘s why I want to show you, that you really don’t need a lot to start a YouTube channel.

Creating a channel

The first thing you have to do to start a YouTube channel is, of course, creating your account. You do it very easily by clicking on your user icon and selecting “create a new channel”. You fill in the description section and you’re ready to start!

So let’s move on to the equipment that you will need to start a YouTube channel.

The camera

If you have a good camera that’s great! But you can also film with your smartphone. You would be surprised¬†how many of quite professional looking Youtube videos were filmed with an iPhone. So the first thing to start with is your phone. You can record with the build in camera app or use one of the external apps. I can recommend MoviePro and FilmicPro. Both of which provide you with quite a lot of options.

A tripod

It’s good to have even the simplest tripod which will ensure that the video is stable and have good position. Of course, if you don’t have a tripod you can try to put your phone on a stable place and also record a good video. But it’s a thing worth buying when you want to start a YouTube channel, especially for your business.

Video editing apps

Video editing apps are not necessary but can help you to create a more professional looking video. You’ll be able to cut your recording and some titles or work a bit with the light and colors. There are a lot of such apps on the market. Some of them are free, but they offer a limited number of options. An app that I can recommend you is LumaTouch, it’s not expensive and what’s important it’s a one time purchase. You can do really amazing things with it and very easily, just with your phone. So if you want to start a YouTube channel you may want to consider purchasing it, although again, it’s not necessary.

Optimize your video for search

Once you’ve recorded your video and it’s ready to upload, you should optimize it for search. First of all focus on a good title. Then use the adequate keywords that best correspond to the content of the video and to your business. I will post a whole post about YouTube search optimization so stay tuned!


So let’s sum it all up! This is what you need to start a YouTube channel for your business:

  1. Create a channel with good description of your business
  2. Camera or your smartphone
  3. A tripod
  4. Video editing app
  5. YouTube search engine optimization

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