The Secret Affiliate Machine (the SAM Funnel)

the secret affiliate machine

Have you heard about the Secret Affiliate Machine? It’s the new big thing in the affiliate marketing world. This machine is the secret behind the $6.8 billion industry with new millionaires being created online every single day.

What is the Secret Affiliate Machine

The Secret Affiliate machine (or SAM/ S.A.M. Funnel) is a ready-made money making machine based on ClickFunnels. Everything is done for you. All you have to do is follow the very clear instructions and change the affiliate links. So you’re ready to go in around 60 minutes. And you have to know that the Secret Affiliate Machine is generating amazing results and going viral really quickly, so it’s the best time to jump on this opportunity.


It is called “secret” because very few people know how to succeed online. Even fewer know about this specific machine, and have to work very long and hard to get similar results.


Affiliate, because you get paid very generous commissions every single time people buy a specific product. In this case, it’s a product that really sells itself. It also means that you will ever have to create, store, warehouse, fulfill, create merchant processing, support or ship any products, ever. It’s completely done for you. Affiliate marketing is responsible for the massive growth of online businesses.


The “Machine” part of the Secret Affiliate Machine means that the entire process is fully automated and has been built and done for you. The products, the website, the videos, the sales copy, literally, everything.

What you have to do

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions on exactly how to launch this machine. It works by taking all of the heavy liftings and work off your shoulders. So you can focus on what matters most. Growing the machine and doing the things that you want to do. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be moving towards the results. You can launch this machine within the next 60 minutes. And could have commissions moving by the end of this week.

You need to give it at least 90 days to do its work and implement every step of the way. The goal is to get you to $4 000 per month in passive commissions, or more.

Ready to launch the machine?

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