Rank on YouTube – 6 tips!

YouTube is a great place to promote your affiliate offers. But in order to do that effectively you have to know how to rank on Youtube. In this article I’ll show you the basic steps to follow in order to achieve better results.

Use appropriate KeyWords to rank on Youtube

Keywords are essential! So first thing to do is the KeyWord research that will help you find appropriate phrases to rank on YouTube. You can use a tool like, for example, Tube Buddy to find keywords with good scoring. Good scoring means high search volume and low competition.
After you choose your keywords make sure that you include them in the title of the video! You can provide a different title variation for your thumbnail, but the real title must include the exact keyword for which you wish to rank. And that’s not all, your video file should also have the keyword in the file name included and the thumbnail file as well!

It is really important, because these are the places that YouTube algorithm will check to understand what your video is about.

Provide description of the videorank on youtube

Another place that YouTube algorithm will be checking is of course the description below the video. Take your time to write a comprehensive text filled with selected keywords.

Create and eye-catching Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the first point of contact with your viewers, so it’s crucial to make it eye-catching. You can use a free tool like Canva to prepare really great thumbnails. They also provide a mobile app, which I really love, because it allows me to work on the go. And as I’ve mentioned before, don’t forget to useyour keyword in the file name!

Upload a good quality video

In order to rank on YouTube your video must have a good quality. Why? Because you have to keep your viewers watching it preferably until the very end. Audience retention is among the most important ranking factors that YouTube is mentioning. Therefore make sure that the video is good quality and that you provide value in it. To keep people interested. It is a good idea to start a video by repeating the title of the video or asking them question connected with the title of the video. It catches their focus and they are more likely to stay with you until the end.

Encourage people to subscribe to your channel

Try to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of the video. In that way not only will you grow your subscribers list but this simple trick will send a message to YouTube to rank your content higher. In the end if someone subscribed after he watched the video,  it must’ve been good!

Share your video

The last thing to remember after uploading a video is to share it on social media, especially twitter and Facebook. When YouTube algorithm notices that your video is shared on social media platforms the assumption is that it is interesting content, so it will be ranked higher.


Quick sum up  – steps to follow to rank on YouTube:

  1. Use appropriate keywords
  2. Provide video description
  3. Create an eye-catching thumbnail
  4. Make sure the video is good quality and provides value
  5. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel after watching the video
  6. Share your content on social media


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