How to promote Facebook page

You certainly ask yourself the question how to promote Facebook page, once you have created it. What is sure is that without taking any action, it will not be shown to many people. You will not be able to attract any audience, because competition on Facebook is really high. There are free and paid methods which you […]

IGTV – 3 tips for using the new platform

Although IGTV is gaining popularity very fast, not many people know how to use its full potential yet. What is sure is that it is the moment to take advantage of, because there is still not a big competition, unlike on youtube. IGTV vs Youtube There are a few big differences between IGTV and Youtube, […]

Instagram TV – the future of video?

IGTV start screen

There were many rumors about Instagram tool for longer videos.  Finally, the Instagram TV, a standalone app “IGTV” was launched on Wednesday 20.06.2018. You can find the IGTV Appstore and Google Play. What is Instagram TV IGTV is an answer to the huge rise in popularity of video content. On IGTV the videos are full […]

Business Instagram account – is it worth switching?

Most of us started with a personal account and wonder if it’s worth switching to the business Instagram account. Well, like with everything there are pros and cons and you have to make a decision for yourself. I will try to go through the advantages and disadvantages in order to make the choice easier for you. Business […]

Follow unfollow strategy – all you need to know and why it is a bad idea

Follow unfollow strategy is one of the quickest ways to gain Instagram followers but you definitely won’t build an engaged audience in this way. How follow unfollow strategy works The mechanism of follow unfollow strategy  is pretty simple, you follow different accounts in your niche with the expectation that they will follow you back. To […]

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