One Funnel Away Challenge Review

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Are you looking to launch a profitable online business? Maybe you’ve been working on your business for months or longer. Or maybe you’ve just gotten started and you want to kickstart your success. How are you going to do it? That’s exactly what the One Funnel Away Challenge claims to help you with. But what’s the truth about what you’re getting? Are you actually going to have the benefits that you’re looking for? According to their marketing and their materials they’re going to make sure that you see success, but we’re going to look at whether it’s really that easy in this One Funnel Away Challenge Review.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: What it Is

The One Funnel Away Challenge is actually sponsored by ClickFunnels and it’s all about using their system to create the perfect funnel for your business. With this challenge you will actually get a full 100 day training guide that will talk you through everything you need to create a successful funnel. You’ll also have coaches that are going to walk you through everything and you’ll be able to talk with other people who are right there with you, going through everything you are as you go through it.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Who It’s For

Creating a funnel through this system is actually intended for any business owner. While most people think of affiliate marketing when they think of this kind of training module, that’s definitely not the case. The coaches are business people and they’re going to help you understand everything you’re getting and just how it can be applied to your business.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: What You Get

Included with the entire package you’ll have a series of different documents, books, videos and other materials that are intended to help you recognize what’s needed and just how your funnel is going to look best. Each of these materials are specially designed to get you the most business possible as well.

  • Challenge Book

This book is over 500 pages and actually gives you different strategies that you can initiate for yourself. Even more, it offers you some of the plans that were used by those from the Two Comma Club so you can see what’s really out there and working.

  • Workbook

The workbook is designed to give you a full overview of everything that you’re going to go through in the challenge as well as different tasks. You’ll be able to take a look and get an idea of everything you need before you actually get there. It actually has two 30 day guides, one for the summit and one for the dotcom aspect.

  • Funnel Training MP3 Player

You will actually get an MP3 player and you’ll be able to take that and listen to the pre-loaded content. All of your training is right there on the MP3 player and you can listen to it wherever and whenever you want. It’s also each of the challenges, so you can review the information as well. You’ll be listening to it everywhere you go so you can keep working through the material.

  • 30 Days of Video Missions

This is hosted by one of the coaches for the entire challenge, Russell Brunson, and it provides you with plenty of information about how to build a funnel, what you need to know, the different tips and strategies that are going to give you a head start and a whole lot more.

  • 30 Days of Coaching

The other two coaches are Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian and one of those (Stephen Larsen) is the founder of the funnel builder. You’ll get a whole lot of information from these two who have done a great deal of work with the funnels and seen great success.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: How it Works

The way this funnel works is you sign up prior to the actual launch date. When the launch date comes you’ll get a pre-training module that’s designed to get you started and help you situate everything you need. From there, you’re going to have a series of four other weeks that are designed to push you through everything you need. Each week you get another module and you’ll need to work on the first before you can do the second and so on. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and then practice everything along the way.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Breaking it Down

Okay, so now that we know what it is, who it’s for, how it works and what’s included you’re ready to start taking a closer look at each of the features, right? You’re ready to understand each of the weeks and what you’re going to get from them so you can decide whether this is really going to be worth your time and what it’s going to take for you to get all the way through it. Luckily for you, we have all of the information that you need right here.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Pre-Training

The pre-training phase is designed to help you with ‘Creating the Belief’ and it includes a total of six different lessons to help with that process. These are 1) The Framework, 2) One Funnel Away, 3) The Who … Not the How, 4) Funnel Hacking, 5) Lady Boss Story and 6) The Map.

The idea with this part of the challenge is to help you get your mind in the right place. You’re going to be doing some work over the next four weeks and the founders of this challenge want to make sure you’re successful. That’s why they’re going to do what they can to get you ready. With this training you actually get live calls from Stephen Larsen and you get lectures that help with coaching and motivation as well. Plus, if you miss the live call you can tune into the recorded version to check it out later.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Week 1

In the first week you’re going to go through a training module that’s called ‘Hook, Story, Offer’ and it’s a total of five lessons long. These include 1) Offer Hacking, 2) The Greatest Showman, 3) Offer Sequencing, 4) The Secret of E-Covers and 5) Creating Your Products.

Here you’re going to learn more about how to create the pages that are a part of your funnel. You’ll learn how to offer something good and how to get everything done in a quick fashion. After all, you don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on trying to draw people in. You want to make sure that you can make your point and get your information out there to those people immediately. You’ll even learn about creating a product in the first place, so don’t worry if you don’t have anything yet.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Week 2

When you get into week two you’re going to be working on what’s called ‘Your Hooks and Stories.’ This phase consists of only four lessons, but you’re starting to get into the actual content here. These are 1) Testing Your Material, 2) Epiphany Bridge, 3) Publishing Your Origin Story and 4) Testing Hooks/Stories.

The second week is another one where you’re going to get some help with creating a product because you’re going to learn about how you can use sales funnels automatically, how you can set up the ideal offer and why it’s so important to do everything right. You’re going to learn a whole lot more about publishing, designing and creating images and of course the different resources that are going to help you create something that helps to sell you as well as the product. You want to make sure you’re authentic and original and this is where you’ll learn more about how to do just that.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Week 3

Here we start ‘The Funnel’ and it’s going to consist of six different lessons. This is where things really start to get fun. You’re going to get 1) Generate a Lead/Make a Sale, 2) ClickFunnels 3) Squeeze Page, 4) Sales Page/Order Form, 5) OTO Page and 6) Members Area.

Now we’re getting close to the end and it’s time to start setting up your funnel and your squeeze page and offer page as well. You start learning about the three step template and you’ll learn things like psychology and sales techniques. You have to sign up for the ClickFunnels program with this one, but you can sign up for the free trial and get access to everything you need. If you decide not to continue with ClickFunnels after the trial, for any reason, you will at least have the time to complete the challenge before that trial is over.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Week 4

The final week is ‘Make it Rain’ and it’s all about getting you the results that you’re looking for. This is where the money comes in and you’ll have five lessons to help you. 1) The Three Types of Traffic, 2) The Dream 100, 3) Hooks (Earned), 4) Hooks (Paid) and 5) What Happens When Your Funnel Flops.

The final week is all about the traffic and just how you’re going to promote your product. After all, you want to make sure that you’re getting enough people in so you can make good money, right? Your whole point is to improve your business and get people interested and this is where you’re going to do it. You’ll even learn more about what you should do if your funnel isn’t successful. After all, no one is going to be successful 100% of the time and knowing how to recover and regroup and start again is a crucial aspect.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Does it Really Work?

The workbooks and content that you get here are all going to give you a good overview and the coaches all come from a background that is definitely focused in the right areas. The first is Russell Brunson who is a marketer as well as the co-founder of the company and is an author. He’s also making 8-figures, which is definitely a reason to go for it, don’t you think? Julie Stoian is a freelancer and has a million dollar brand business alongside that 6-figure freelancing business. Plus, she’s an excellent lecturer in the space. Finally, Stephen Larsen, who is a 7-figure entrepreneur as well as being a sales funnel builder and the founder of a company called Sales Funnel Broker.

What’s even more important is that you’re getting clear tasks that you can do each and every day. You’ll have homework from each session, which is a great way to make you think about what’s going on in each of your live calls and each of your challenges. But each of those tasks will be something you can understand and complete relatively simply. Because you’re going through quick and easy tasks you’re also not going to have to worry about getting too bogged down. You’ll have to just jump in and act quickly.

Finally, you’re going to get some really awesome, interesting and engaging content direct from Russell, the co-founder of the program itself. From there, you’re going to work with Stephen, who is going to help you break down everything you learn from Russell into simple steps that are easy to initiate and understand. This is where the lessons come in and they’re going to be highly informative. Finally, Julie is the one who’s going to help you with all the tech stuff, so if you struggle in these areas you won’t have to worry about it because she’s going to be the final member of your team.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Overall Impressions

So, is this something that you should be spending your money on? Does it actually do the job and get people the results that they’re looking for? From what we can find, it definitely does. The modules are set up well and the coaches are definitely experienced and trained within the industry. This course seems to have some high quality content and it is affordable for most people who are interested in this type of business. It’s a simple to follow course and the fact that you get different versions of each challenge (through the MP3 player and the emails as well as the coursebook and workbook) you’ll be able to follow along with no problem.

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  • OFA Course


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