Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge upgrade

million dollar passive income challenge

The Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge just got an upgrade. Everything is now set for you. You don’t have to change any links, configure Facebook Chatbot or connect your email autoresponder. You don’t need any technical skills at all!

What is the Million Dollar PAssive Income Challenge

The Million Dollar Challenge is to show 1000 people how to make at least 1000 dollars in passive income. Everything is broken down into 3 simple steps. If you follow these steps over the course of 30 days, the plan is that you’ll be earning at least 1000 dollars a month in passive income. This is not a training, these are actionable steps that you can implement straight away.

What is passive income

Passive income is an income that doesn’t demand your active participation to generate money moving forward. I’ve talked more about passive income streams in this article -->> 5 sources of passive income streams.

Sounds good?

Why the Million Dollar Challenge was upgraded

Technical issues were the main problem that many people were facing after joining the Million Dollar Challenge. Changing the link, connecting the Facebook Chatbot or email optin form was not an easy task for people that are not familiar with affiliate marketing. Some people were even hesitating to join the challenge, because of this reason. Therefore Liam together with Builderall prepared a new version of the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge that doesn’t require any setup at all.

How does the new Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge work

The new Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge work doesn’t’ require any setup. Once a user clicks on the bottom “secure spot” he will be redirected to the form where he’ll create your Builderall Account straight away. So you will find his name and email address in “your leads “ section. The created Builderall account is the 7-day free trial account, so you should make sure that this person changes to “Builderall Business” plan at the end of this period.

Where to find the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge

In order to find the Million Dollar Challenge funnel, you need to login to your Builderall Account and go to Builderall Business. Then select the Money Making Funnels and click on the “category” bottom at the top of the page. Choose “open funnels” and you will find the million dollar challenge funnel at the very bottom. The homepage link is the link with the million dollar challenge that you will be promoting.

How to make a lead change to Builderall Business account

In “your leads” section, you’ll have all the information that you need. You can copy manually the email address to your email autoresponder software or send messages directly from Builderall.

Make sure you follow up with this leads reminding them to switch to the business account.

Million Dollar Challenge with Builderall>>

Join the Million Dollar Challenge


To see everything step by step watch my video below

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