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I am now taking part in the Million Dollar Challenge presented by Liam James Kay. As I am a big fan of Builderall, I am very excited about the whole idea that is based on Builderall that I reviewed in this article -->Builderall Affiliate Program Review.  I encourage you to take part in it.
It’s going to be epic!

million dollar challenge

Million Dollar Challenge based on Builderall

The Million Dollar Challenge is to show 1000 people how to make at least 1000 dollars in passive income. Everything is broken down into 3 simple steps. If you follow these steps over the course of 30 days, the plan is that you’ll be earning at least 1000 dollars a month in passive income. This is not a training, these are actionable steps that you can implement straight away.

What is passive income

Passive income is an income that doesn’t demand your active participation to generate money moving forward. I’ve talked more about passive income streams in this article -->> 5 sources of passive income streams.

Sounds good?

3 simple steps

The Million Dollar Challenge is based on the 3 step formula to passive income.

Step 1 – the perfect product: the challenge is based on Builderall Business product. (You can read more about Builderall in this article: Builderall Affiliate Program Review)

Step 2 – the perfect funnel: ready to implement funnel is provided, all you need to do is implement your own links.

Step 3 – the perfect traffic: within the challenge you’ll get access to traffic generation methods. Because the idea is to spread your link around the web. The more people are going to see your link the more chances are that they are going to sign up to the challenge and purchase Builderall and take part in it. There are free traffic strategies presented, that don’t demand any investment from your site. There are also paid traffic strategies for does who are prepared to spend some money as well. But the idea is that the main traffic sources are the free ones. So it is totally risk free.

How to take part in the challenge

All you have to do to take part in this challenge is go to the page below and follow all the steps. There is no risk on your side so it’s definitely worth a try!





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