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If you want to make money online, a good idea is to opt for affiliate marketing. Not only is it easy to set up a website and promote products, but the return on investment can actually be a great one. That being said, you also have to track your performance and analyze everything to see what can be improved. Link tracking allows you to find out what links people use the most, what countries prefer certain links and so on is always a very good idea. And that’s why you should have a link tracking and conversions tracking software solution.

Why is tracking so important, especially for affiliate marketers?

If you track your links, it will be a lot easier to identify which is the optimal place to locate them on your website. If you optimize links adequately, you will be able to boost conversion rates. This can improve your sales and in the end, you will make more money from the same content. Obviously, this is the ideal thing to focus on, and you should start using link tracking software as soon as you place links on your affiliate marketing website.

The reason why link tracking is so good for you because it helps you keep track of all clicks that your audience performs, regardless of their source. You can also track links across multiple campaigns. So even if you have multiple affiliate marketing websites, you can still track links for every one of them as you see fit.

And yes, thanks to link tracking you can also create a proper linking strategy. Once you establish that you can optimize it to ensure that you always receive the optimal amount of clicks and conversions every time.

As an affiliate marketing professional, you want to know what customers like and expect at all times. Without analytics and proper conversions tracking or link tracking, you rarely know exactly what you can expect. The great thing about link tracking is that it helps provide all this information within a single dashboard. It’s a lot more convenient, simpler and easier to use when compared to bulky analytics tools. And that’s because you focus solely on links and their performance, all while ditching the information and stuff that you may not need at all.

What should you be tracking?

This all depends on what type of website you have. But usually link tracking will be great for tracking the performance of your marketing campaign. You get to figure out how many people took action, and this will let you know if the CTA in your content is good or not.

At the same time, link tracking will also be great for affiliate marketing experts that want to sell something, as well as companies that sell their own products. Knowing how many people are thinking about buying through your links is a good indicator of how reliable and powerful your content really is. This will encourage you to improve it and make the content more comprehensive.

The link tracking software can also be used to find out information about the entire sales funnel. You can figure out what’s defective, what you could improve and so on. Plus, if you perform split testing you can use link tracking in order to test audiences and see what product is suitable for them. It can be easier to split your audience into smaller audiences, as it will give you great results and experiences every time.

Plus, you can use it for conversions tracking, to see how many people actually buy via the link too. Once you know how many clicks you had on the link, you compare it with your sales and that can show the overall percentage of leads generated by your content.

How can you improve conversions?

There are many ways link tracking can improve conversions. The primary benefit is that you can study the user behavior in a variety of ways. You can understand when and how customers click on your links. You can even see where they are coming from, if they continue with the purchase or not. This type of information is crucial for affiliate marketing and it can bring in amazing results.

You can also use link tracking to track user actions and that will make it easier to personalize every future interaction. Once you know what customers want and expect based on what they click on, it will be easier to adapt your content and offer to their own needs. Thanks to link tracking you can also split test to determine where you should place your links.

Believe it or not, link placement matters a lot and sometimes it can be better, other times it can get worse. Testing is very important, and link tracking will definitely be the right way to achieve that.

Clickmagic is an affordable, professional tracking software

As you can see, link tracking is very helpful and it has the potential to grow your affiliate marketing business quite a bit. Finding the right link tracking tool is not a problem however, as Clickmagic has all the tools and features you need.

Clickmagic is a tool that helps you track and optimize all your marketing from a single place. It’s created to work everywhere you can add links to advertise, it can track sales funnels, perform split testing to see what links perform better and it’s suitable for mobile optimization and geotargeting. It’s also a great tool if you want to add retargeting to any link.

But a major thing that a lot of link tracking solutions don’t have is that this tool comes with non-stop click fraud and link monitoring. There can be competitors trying to spam your links to make it feel like you have lots of conversions when you really don’t. Thankfully Clickmagic helps you avoid all of that, it will just count unique clicks.

If you’re looking for a way to generate more leads and customers while also tracking their actions on your site, then Clickmagic is one of the best link and conversions tracking tool for you. It’s comprehensive, reliable and a pleasure to use. Plus, the fact that it’s fully customizable means it can be used for just about any industry. Check it out today and you will be incredibly happy with the way it works and the results that it can deliver!

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