iMovie green screen effects

iMovie green screen effects

If you’re considering to include video in your marketing strategy that’s the best move you can do! Moreover it does not have to be neither complicated nor expensive. You can use iMovie to edit your videos and make them even more engaging by adding iMovie green screen effects.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has many benefits, it is an effective way of reaching large audiences and conveying your message to them directly.  Adding video marketing to your website is good for business, Google is likely to increase your search rankings by up to 50% if you have a video.

Video marketing can also ensure your target audience is fully able to understand and appreciate your product or service and increase brand awareness and affiliation.  Watching a video is more engaging for a potential customer as it activates their visual and audio stimulation.

Video marketing can help to improve your online presence, it helps to build trust.  Video advertisements are more likely to increase revenue, as well as traffic to your site.

Furthermore, producing videos for marketing does not need to be expensive.  It is easy enough with iMovie.


iMovie Green Screen Effects

Green screen, also known as chroma keying, involves adding visual effects in front of a solid colour in the form of layering.  Once the block screen colour is placed behind a foreground you can drop the background, therefore using whatever background you want.

IMovie essentially allows you to shoot a video with a single coloured background in either green or blue. You can easily replace that background with another one. You can superimpose your videos so that it looks like you have filmed elsewhere.

Green screen is a really simple way of setting your video in a location without actually travelling there.  It can make simple videos look more appealing and interesting.

Green screen can be done cheaply and is affordable and accessible to all who want to create video content.  Green screen elevates marketing to new levels; visual explanations and learning help the target understand your message better as they can see a visual representation of what you are saying.

Video marketing improves communication and engagement between you and your audience in a creative and concise way. Adding a green screen means you can be as creative as you like and bring your vision to life.

If you want to increase your brand awareness, then adding logos to your green screen background can be very advantageous.

If you have an Apple Mac, an iPhone, or iPad, you can use green screen very easily because these devices have an app called iMovie that allows you to use green screen.


How to add a green screen background

In order to use a green screen in iMovie, you need to select your preferred background.  Once you have selected your background, you need to drag and drop it into your timeline.

For example, you can record yourself dancing in your home, but then place that video over a clip showing open fields, so it appears that you are dancing outdoors.

The main steps to follow are to open up the iMovie app on your Mac (or your iPhone):

  1. Set up the background – start with an empty project and select the background you want.
  2. Drag the background and drop it into the timeline.
  3. Film the video footage you want in front of the green screen
  4. Drag the footage and drop it over the background.
  5. You can make the background larger or smaller by dragging the edge of the background
  6. Select the green screen footage you have placed in the timeline, and click the drop-down menu.
  7. Click cutaway above the left corner and select green/blue screen.
  8. When you do this the green screen should be removed, and you will see your chosen background.



  • When filming your video, make sure your subject is a few feet in front of your backdrop, this will help with the visuals, and prevent shadows.
  • If you do not have a green screen kit, you can just use a sheet or large poster paper to create the backdrop.
  • You can adjust the video by using the softness and clean-up tools which give a more refined finish to the video.
  • Light your green screen evenly, if there are any shadows try to minimise them to ensure the final video looks more realistic.
  • Think outside the box! If you want to film your subject in windy conditions then you could use a fan to move their hair a little. This will help create the illusion. Similarly, if you want to film a sunny day make sure your subject is dressed appropriately as it will help the end video look more attractive, and engaging.



  • Shadows and motion blur. Use good lighting, and avoid any fast movements which could cause blurring.
  • Colour spill can occur if you have too much light on the green screen. Avoid colour spilling by not having bright lights too close to the green screen.
  • Wearing green – if your subject wears green they may disappear into the background.

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