IGTV – 3 tips for using the new platform

Although IGTV is gaining popularity very fast, not many people know how to use its full potential yet. What is sure is that it is the moment to take advantage of, because there is still not a big competition, unlike on youtube.

IGTV vs Youtube

There are a few big differences between IGTV and Youtube, first of all, the format. Videos on YouTube are horizontal and videos on IGTV are vertical. Another big difference is the length of the video because for the majority of users on Instagram the available format is up to 10 minutes. Yes, it was announced that the videos can be now up to one hour, but this concerns only the biggest Instagram accounts.

Prepare content for IGTV

igtvYour content should be recorded with the audience and format of Instagram TV in mind. Many YouTubers take their YouTube videos and edit them in editing programs to fit into the vertical format and post it on Instagram. It’s not the good way to go.
There is no search, the video starts playing straight away, so you need to focus the attention of your audience in the first seconds of your video. They should know what kind of value you’ll give them straight away, otherwise, they will not watch it.

Attract attention stright away

Instagram audience is different from youtube audience. They are consuming content faster and many times on the go. Unlike on YouTube where people are ready to watch longer videos and tutorials that are sometimes longer than one hour. So again you have to attract the attention of your audience really fast. There is no time for long introduction you either should get straight to the point, explain at the beginning what they will receive with this content or start with something catchy that will simply drag their attention.

Deliver appropriate content

Taking all the above into consideration, what kind of content to post on IGTV? Remember that Instagram audience will consume this content on the mobile device, and that they are many times on the go. Therefore, it is a very good place to post all kind of “behind the scenes” videos or vlog type of material. These formats can fit into 10 minutes and also allow you to show your personality, which works well on social media in general.

3 tips for using IGTV

  1. Prepare dedicated content for IGTV
  2. Attract attention in the first seconds of the video
  3. Deliver content suited to Instagram audience

I hope these 3 tips will help you to explore IGTV with more confidence. Remember the best time to start is now, when there is not so much competition. Everybody waits to see what will other people do, how will they use the potential IGTV. So instead of waiting be the part of the group that is creating the trend!

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