How to use Reddit to drive free traffic

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Reddit has been on the web for years. It’s one of the top websites and it has a large base of active users. Therefore, it is a good platform to promote your website and online business. It has a huge free traffic potential. But you have to use Reddit marketing in a right way. Again as on all other platforms, you cannot just randomly post your links.

How does Reddit work

Reddit is a place where people submit links to different sites, to their blogs, videos, images etc. And other people vote this links up or down. In this way the content is rated and sorted. People can also discuss the submitted links. Reddit is divided into SubReddits (SubReddits are sections of Reddit.). You’ll find a SubReddit on nearly every subject. So once you join Reddit, you should join SubReddits around affiliate marketing, passive income and make money online niche.

Karma points

You have 2 different Karmas on Reddit. Comment Karma and Post Karma. If you write a post on a SubReddit and people like that post , that will give you Post Karma. If you go and post a comment that people like, you will get a Comment Karma.

On some SubReddits there is a minimum number of Karma points required to post a comment or post.

The best way to get a good number of Karmas is, of course, posting good quality posts and good quality comments. But if you want to gain that Karma quickly you can also go to a popular SubReddit, that doesn’t have to be from your niche and post “popular content” there, just to get the Karma points.

How to generate free traffic from Reddit

Reddit can be a great source of free traffic for your website, if you post links to it and they get upvotes. But you have to be careful not to get banned. Here are a few steps to follow to generate traffic for your website in a good way.

Participate in the community

Take time to read, analyse and understand what kind of content people like and what kind of content people don’t like. People want content that they can upvote, that is worth reading. So you have to understand what kind of content they are looking for and then actually deliver it.

Join SubReddits concerning your niche

Make sure you participate in these communities. Take time to leave good comments. Always answer questions adding a lot of value. Make sure you’re not only sharing your content all the time. Ensure that you’re not uploading the same comment over and over again. It can get you banned.

What you can do is go to SubReddit and sort the content by the top posts. Then analyse and deliver similar type of content adding more value.

Be transparent

Don’t hide that you are a marketer. If you hide it, people on Reddit will realize it anyway. Once they do so, they will not trust you anymore. The community on Reddit doesn’t like people promoting something. They don’t accept affiliate links at all, so you can promote your site, but not a link leading directly to an affiliate offer.

Analyse Content and deliver a better version

Replicate content that is already doing well on Reddit. But create a better version of it. Content that talks about the subject in a deeper way, providing more information.

Don’t get banned

Every SubReddit has its own rules that are listed on the right side. You have to read them and make sure that you stick to them. So if you want to use Reddit to advertise your business, you should first go to all the SubReddits that are relevant to your business and see what kind of requirements they have. Spend time commenting and posting valuable content and collect Karma points. You have to be active in the community before you start posting links to your site.

What to take into consideration

The thing with Reddit is, that you have to be an active user. If you don’t have time to commit yourself to that, then it is not a suitable tool for you. In that case , you should probably focus on other sources of free traffic. It us a long term strategy for success.

free traffic, affiliate marketing, online business

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