How to start a blog for affiliate marketing

Is it necessary to have a blog if you are an affiliate marketer? And if so how to start a blog? These are two very common questions asked by people who start their journey with affiliate marketing.

Why you need a blog

In theory, if you are promoting affiliate products you could do it without a website. You could use different social media platforms and paid traffic sources as a place to promote your links. But the benefit of having your own site is that it is your asset. Some of the social media platforms can disappear in the future or they may change their rules. So basing your business on an asset that doesn’t belong to you and on which you cannot relay completely is a bit risky.  As a result, you may end up with nothing as a backup.

Provide value

To be a successful affiliate marketer you have to provide value and build your authority. Your own blog is a perfect space where you can publish articles providing value to your readers and also link to your YouTube videos and content on other social media platforms.

How to start a blog – choose a blogging platform

Here I would recommend WordPress. It is one of the most popular blogging platforms and it is really easy to use. You’ll also have access to many plugins, design thems and you’ll ger full support from word press team.  But be aware that there is wordpress.com and wordpress.org. There is a big difference between the two of them. Both of them are free.  I recommend you to set up your blog on wordpress.org. You will be in control of your content and website. In case of wordpress.com, you are not the owner of the site. So especially for affiliate marketers that want to use their blog for a business purpose, it is not an option.

How to start a blog – choose a web host

The next step after deciding which blogging platform to use is to select a web host. This means where your blog will be placed. There are many host companies on the market. I personally recommend HostGator. They are one of the biggest companies in the market. They offer a number of hosting plans, so you can adjust it to your needs. The good thing is that they offer 24/7/365 customer service, so you’re never left alone with your problems no matter where in the world you live. And I can tell you from my own experience that it is very helpful especially when you’re starting out and are not so much familiar with all the technical aspects.

How to start a blog – register a domain

The name of the domain should either be connected with your personal brand or the content on your site.

What to write about?

As an affiliate marketer, you can provide different affiliate product reviews, discuss traffic sources and share your experiences with your audience. Try to be consistent with posting and share your posts on social media.

Good Luck 🙂

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