How to promote Facebook page

You certainly ask yourself the question how to promote Facebook page, once you have created it. What is sure is that without taking any action, it will not be shown to many people. You will not be able to attract any audience, because competition on Facebook is really high. There are free and paid methods which you can use, so let’s go through them now.

Promote your page on your site

The first thing you can do is obviously promoting your page on your site or blog. Add a link leading to your Facebook page or use one of official Facebook’s Social plugins from their resource page.

Utilize your other social media accounts

You’re certainly present on other social media platforms, so make use of it. Share it on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Add tags on YouTube and add a link to the description of your channel and videos.

Make use of your email 

You can add the address of your newly created page to your email signature. Taking into consideration how many emails we send every day it is definitely something worth doing.

Another option is to send a mailing to your list informing about your Facebook Page and presenting the benefits of following your it.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads is by far the most effective strategy. So how to promote Facebook Page with their ads?

You have a few possibilities. The first one is, of course, using the Page promotion option. Facebook allows you to target the audience very precisely, therefore you can reach exactly the people who you are interested in, as a business owner. The targeting options include selecting a region for your campaign, all different types of demographics and interests of Facebook users.

Another option is to promote your best posts. In that way, you are able to reach people with your highly valuable content. If you are bringing value to people they are likely to follow and like your page to receive more of it. Fans that were attracted in this way might also be more willing to engage with your posts in the future. And that is what you want , of course.

The good thing about Ads Manager is that it is also available for mobile devices.  So you can control, manage and optimize your ads even on the go. You can pause and resume your campaign any time.  You’re in full control.

How to promote Facebook page           How to promote Facebook page

3 tips on how to promote Facebook Page

  1. Promote your Facebook Page on your site
  2. Utilize your other social media accounts to spread the news
  3. Use your email signature or footer as an opportunity to share your page
  4. Consider sending a mailing informing your email list about benefits of your page
  5. Promote your page with Facebook Ads.

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