How does Etsy SEO work

how does etsy seo works

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade or vintage items, as well as art and craft supplies. With its corporate headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, Etsy was established in 2005. It is a marketplace where artisans, crafters, and other creators may market and sell their handmade, one-of-a-kind products to a worldwide clientele. Etsy offers art and craft supplies including beads, yarn, and patterns in addition to handmade and vintage goods. There are many sellers on this platform so it is crucial to understand how to appear high in the searches. Let’s dive into how does Etsy SEO work.

How does Etsy SEO work

The search ranking of listings on Etsy is determined by a combination of algorithms and human input. With the help of Etsy search, customers can easily find the products they’re seeking for and make purchases. 

Query matching and Ranking are the two steps of the search process, according to Etsy’s technical SEO consultants. Here is a brief summary: 

Query matching: When a customer enters a search term, Etsy searches its inventory for listings that contain that term. 

Ranking: Etsy assigns a grade to the matching listings based on the following eight criteria:

  1. Relevance
    Etsy’s algorithms prioritize listings that are most relevant to the search terms used by the shopper. To improve the relevance of your listings, make sure to use relevant keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions.
  2. Keywords
    Using relevant and specific keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions can help improve the SEO of your listings. However, it’s important to avoid keyword stuffing, as this can actually harm your SEO.
  3. Item specifics
    The SEO of your listing may be enhanced by including thorough information about your items in the “item specifics” area. Size, material, color, and any other pertinent details are included in this.
  4. Reviews and ratings
    Positive reviews and ratings can help improve the SEO of your listings, as they indicate to Etsy that your products are high-quality and popular with shoppers.
  5. Conversion rate
    The conversion rate of your listings, or the percentage of shoppers who make a purchase after viewing your listing, can also impact its SEO.
  6. Freshness
    Listings that are recently listed or have been updated with new information tend to rank higher in search results.

It’s crucial to remember that Etsy’s search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing. So keep up with best practices and continue to optimize your listings on an ongoing basis.

how does etsy seo work


Are product descriptions important for Etsy SEO?

Because they assist your store and products in appearing in search results on Etsy and other search engines, product descriptions are a crucial component of Etsy SEO. Include keywords that customers might use to find products similar to yours while writing your product descriptions. Well-written product descriptions can influence customers to buy your products in addition to assisting with SEO. They should give specific details about your products, such as their size, composition, and unique features. Use evocative, captivating wording to differentiate your products from those of other dealers.


How to improve your shop visibility

There are several ways to improve the visibility of your shop on Etsy:

Modify the Etsy store name that accurately defines your products.

Utilize the chance to give your store the proper name. The first text a user sees when visiting your shop will be this title, which will also serve as the page title for your shop page. You ought to take into account a name that accurately describes the goods you sell.

Optimize your shop’s search appearance: 

Use relevant and specific tags, titles, and descriptions for your listings to make it easier for buyers to find your products. The items on Etsy must match the search terms entered by the user, with exact matches showing up first in the search results.

What factors does Etsy SEO take into account when prioritizing search results? More potent than matching individual search terms is an exact phrase match. For example, the term “animal sticker” will be given preference over a match for either “animal” or “sticker”. 

Etsy considers a listing to be more relevant than one with the search word solely in the tags or title when it contains the term in both the title and tags. 

In titles, the first few words are more significant than the last few. Additionally, you want to think about long-tail keywords and precise terminology. Because there is less competition, consumers who are looking for a specific item are more likely to buy it. You shouldn’t use the same primary keyword for more than a couple of your items. Or else, you’ll be competing with yourself in search results.

Offer unique and high-quality products

Customers are more likely to buy from a store that sells distinctive and well-made goods. Your clients’ decisions are heavily influenced by product reviews. Positive reviews can increase a product’s visibility and credibility. Reviews can also provide vendors with insightful feedback that will enable them to improve their products and customer service. It is important to actively seek out and promote customer reviews in order to win the trust and credibility of customers, even though having a large number of reviews is not required in order to succeed on Etsy.

how does etsy seo work

Use high-quality photos: 

Use images of your products that are clear, well-lit, and pleasing to the eye. This will make them stand out and draw in more customers. Include images of the goods from various perspectives so that customers can better understand what they are buying. To give your shop a unified appearance even if you have different listings, try to choose backdrops and photo styles that are similar.

Promote your shop: 

To market your store using social media, share your listings on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Participate in forums in online communities related to your niche to market your company and products there. Employ Etsy ads: You may reach a wider audience and improve the exposure of your products by using Etsy’s advertising platform. With Etsy Ads, vendors may target particular demographics with their ads and monitor the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. When a seller sets up an advertising campaign on Etsy, they can select particular keyword phrases and categories that apply to their products, and Etsy will show the advertisements to buyers who are looking for such terms. Vendors can improve the visibility of their goods and services by using Etsy Ads.

Offer promotions and discounts:

  • Provide discounts: To entice customers to acquire your products, think about providing discounts or free shipping.
  • Run sales: Hold recurrent sales occasions to entice customers to make a purchase.
  • To generate a sense of urgency and entice customers to make a purchase, use limited-time deals or limited-edition products.
  • Product bundles: Take into account combining products and providing them at a discount.
  • Free presents with purchases: If you want to entice customers to make a purchase, think about providing a free gift.
  • Use discount codes: Provide discount codes to your clients to entice them to buy.

Regularly renew your listings 

A minor ranking boost results from renewing your listing. Even while updating your listing frequently is not a successful Etsy SEO approach, doing it at busy times like the holidays can assist raise your brand’s visibility. Additionally, it’s crucial to update your listing during times of strong traffic. Consider the times of day that your prospective buyers are most likely to shop, and post your listings then.

Add clear policies to your store
Buyers will feel more secure and confident if you have clear policies in your Etsy shop sections that explain what to anticipate if they make a purchase from your establishment. Additionally, having comprehensive and explicit policies in your store will improve your “customer & market experience score” and aid in increasing your online exposure.

Final Thoughts

It can take some work to make your Etsy listings search-engine friendly, but the effort is definitely worth it. Your listings might be difficult to find without adequate SEO, which might significantly reduce your chance of making purchases. You can improve the visibility of your listings and increase traffic to your business by taking the effort to conduct keyword research and correctly classify your items. Investing in Etsy SEO can ultimately result in more sales and a more prosperous business in the marketplace, even though it could take some work.


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