What is Builderall and How Does Builderall Affiliate Program Work?

builderall affiliate

Builderall is an all-inclusive digital marketing platform that helps you launch your website in just a few clicks, then monetize it through email campaigns. The idea behind the Builderall software was to create niche-specific sales funnels with high-converting pages so as soon as potential customers enter their information on this site, they are guided towards making (hopefully) successful purchases–and at the time of writing, there were over 40 tools available for integration! And in addition to that, you can join the Builderall Affiliate Program that will allow you to earn money promoting a tool that you’re using yourself!

builderall affiliate

Builderall Affiliate program: how to join

Builderall’s application process is unique in that it features two signup forms: one for existing clients and one for newcomers. The form for existing clients asks for your name and email address, while the form for newcomers requires you to provide more information about yourself and how you plan to promote Builderall products.

However, both forms are quick and easy to complete, allowing Builderall to understand its potential affiliates better. Additionally, Builderall’s affiliate program is open to anyone who has purchased a Builderall plan, which makes it easy for interested individuals to get started with the program. Thus, Builderall’s application process is both unique and user-friendly, making it an ideal affiliate program for interested marketers.

How much can you earn promoting Builderall?

You get 100% of the initial sale, plus a 30% commission on the amount your referral pays per month for as long as they stay a Builderall customer. As long as the person you refer remains a Builderall customer, you’ll keep earning that 30% commission each month!

Think about that for just a minute. If you refer someone to a typical affiliate offer, you only make money on the initial sale, and that’s it. But with Builderall, you keep making money each and every month as long as your referral remains a paying customer. So not only do you make more money with Builderall, but you make it residual income–meaning you keep making money even while you sleep!

How long do Builderall’s cookies last?

The Builderall affiliate program is a great way to earn passive income. With a standard 30-day cookie window, you can earn 100% of the purchase price for any customers who click your affiliate link and make a purchase within 30 days. And because it’s a two-tier affiliate program, you’ll also earn 30% of their monthly fees as long as they keep paying for Builderall. So if you’re looking for a way to generate some extra income, the Builderall affiliate program is worth checking out.

How does Builderall pay your commission?

As an affiliate for Builderall, you can earn commissions on any monthly recurring plans that your referrals sign up for. Payment options include bank transfer, check, or withdrawal to your debit or credit card. Unfortunately, PayPal is not an option at this time.

Commissions are held back for 35 days on the first month’s payment and for affiliates who have not yet earned at least $250 in commissions. Once you reach the $250 mark, any recurring commissions will be available after a five-day hold period. This allows Builderall to ensure that all affiliate payments are legitimate and accurate. Although the process may take a few extra days, it ultimately protects both Builderall and its affiliates from fraudulent activity.

How to promote Builderall

Now that we have how to become an affiliate and how much you can make, it’s time to get into how to promote Builderall.

As an affiliate, you’ll be provided with a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience. Builderall also has a wide range of marketing materials that you can use to promote its products, including banner ads, email templates, and social media posts. However, you will want to create your own content as well, as generic marketing materials won’t have the same impact as content specifically tailored to your audience.

builderall affiliate

Let’s turn our attention to the marketing methods that you can use.

There are a plethora of ways that you can promote Builderall and its products. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  1. Create YouTube videos educating people as to why they need Builderall

You’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you’re not on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular worldwide websites, with over 1.9 billion monthly users. And if you can create videos that educate people on Builderall and its benefits, you can generate many leads and sales.

The thing that you must understand about YouTube is that it’s a search engine. People go to YouTube to search for information on all sorts of topics. And if you can create videos that answer people’s questions, you’ll be able to drive a ton of traffic to your affiliate link.

You’ll need to ensure that your videos are helpful, have the right keywords and tags, and have thumbnails that stand out. If you can do all that, you’ll be well on generating leads and sales from YouTube.

  1. Use the power of social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful free marketing tool that you can use to generate leads and sales for Builderall. Facebook alone has billions of monthly active users, so you can imagine the reach you’ll achieve by promoting Builderall on social media.

The key to social media marketing is to be consistent and to provide value. You’ll need to post quality content regularly, and you’ll also need to engage with other users on the platform.

Let’s talk about how you can promote Builderall on a few of the most popular social media platforms:


If you think TikTok is only for sharing videos of you dancing silly, think again. TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, and it will not slow down anytime soon.

The great thing about TikTok is that it’s a visual platform. You can use TikTok to share quick videos of you using Builderall, as well as videos of you explaining why Builderall is a valuable tool.

Remember to use the right hashtags, as well as to post your videos at the best times. If you can do that, you’ll be able to generate a ton of leads and sales from TikTok.


Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that you can use to promote Builderall. The reason for this is the power of Facebook groups.

Many Facebook groups are dedicated to internet marketing, and you can use these groups to promote Builderall. Just make sure that you’re providing value and not spamming the group, as that will get you banned quickly.

Don’t think twice about starting your own Facebook group dedicated to Builderall. You can use this group to build a community of like-minded individuals and generate leads and sales.


Instagram might not seem like the best fit, but there is something called Instagram reels that you can use to your advantage.

Instagram reels are quick 15-second videos that you can post on Instagram. People do watch them, and you can use them to promote Builderall.

Remember to use relevant hashtags, as well as to post your videos at the best times. You can also post infographics and other content related to Builderall.


Whatever you do, don’t undervalue the power of Pinterest. No, it’s not just a social platform for women who want to buy shoes.

Pinterest has become a search engine, and people use it to look for information on all sorts of topics, including internet marketing.

You can use Pinterest to share infographics and even recycle your TikTok videos. Just make sure to add appropriate keywords so people can find your content.

  1. Write blog posts about Builderall

If you’re looking for the best passive income source promoting Builderall, look no further than writing blog posts. This is because you can write a blog post once and continue to generate leads and sales from it for months or even years to come.

The key to writing successful blog posts is to make sure that they’re well-written, informative, and that they provide value. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re using the right keywords so that people can find your blog post when searching for information on Builderall.

You can’t create one blog post and expect to retire in the Bahamas. You must be consistent and write multiple blog posts on different topics related to Builderall.

The more blog posts you have, the more traffic you’ll generate; some of them will turn into sales.

  1. Promote Builderall to the subscribers of your email list

If you don’t already have an email list, start building one right away. An email list is a group of people that have given you permission to send them emails.

The great thing about an email list is that you own it. You’re not relying on social media platforms that could change their algorithms at any time and make your hard work disappear.

Instead, you’re in control, and you can use your email list to generate leads and sales for Builderall on autopilot.

To do this, you’ll need to write email sequences promoting Builderall. These email sequences will automatically be sent out to your list, generating leads and sales for you while you sleep.

You can also use your email list to send out special offers and coupons for Builderall. This is a great way to increase conversions and make more sales.

Don’t forget to use Builderall while you’re promoting Builderall!

Now, this is going to sound a bit odd, but you should use Builderall to promote Builderall. This is because Builderall has some amazing marketing tools you can use to get the word out about their affiliate program.

For example, you can use their email marketing tool to send out emails promoting Builderall. You can also use their landing page builder to create high-converting landing pages that convert.

If you’re using anything other than Builderall to promote Builderall, you’re missing out on some powerful marketing tools that could help you make more sales. If Builderall is good enough for you to promote it, it’s good enough or you to use it. People will see that you’re using Builderall, which will build trust.

  1. Run ads on Google and Facebook

If you want to scale your promotion of Builderall, you’ll need to start running ads. The two best places to run ads are Google and Facebook.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform where you can create text, image, and video ads. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can set a daily budget so you don’t overspend.

Facebook ads give you direct access to users of the largest social media platform in the world. You can create ads that are shown to people based on their interests and even target people who have already visited your website.

Both Google and Facebook have huge audiences, and they’re both great places to generate leads and sales for Builderall. Just remember the ads can be costly, so start small and scale up your ads once you find one that converts.

Builderall Affiliate Program: conclusion

Builderall is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing. It has everything you need to succeed, and its affiliate program offers some great commissions. You can use their tool to build high-converting landing pages, create email sequences, and do much more.

Promoting Bulderall is a no-brainer and using it is as well. You’re missing out if you’re not using Builderall to promote Builderall.

Make money promoting Builderall and help others build their online business simultaneously! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

builderall affiliate

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