Generate leads on LinkedIn

generate leads on linkedin

A lot of people are getting into social media without a plan. We don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know where our customers are. We haven’t done the proper research to figure out, what we’re actually doing there. A lot of people think that you generate leads on LinkedIn just by posting content. But the real lead generation takes place behind the scenes, through direct messages.

Identify your prospects

The first thing that you should do is identify your prospects. Once you figure out your target audience and the desired customer you can explore this subject further. You’d do that by checking the groups they are a member of, what position they hold in the company, where they are located geographically etc.

Sending a connection request

Sending a connection request gives you an opportunity to create a custom message for the contact. The best type of message is 100% focused on your recipient.  You should not talk about yourself, or what you do. If you start offering people something that they haven’t asked for you will come across as a salesperson straight away. And you should avoid that. You don’t sell to somebody until you recognize that they have a problem that you can solve. That’s the key to successful lead generation on LinkedIn. Remember that if the person decides to replay to you, he will first check your profile. That’s why having a good profile is so important.

Optimize your profile

No matter, what you do, whether it is advertising, posting content or contacting people with direct messages, people will always check your profile. And it should not look like an online resume, because you’re not looking for a job, you’re offering business. Therefore if you want to generate leads on LinkedIn you have to transform your profile into a platform where you offer value to your audience. It should be customer-focused. It should identify the problem of your target audience, so they can relate to it. Then it should go through your value proposition.

Ensure the possibility of conversion

Your goal is to generate leads o LinkedIn, therefore you should make it easy for your potential clients to leave their contact. Your profile is a place where you should input a link to your calendar to get appointments or a link to a contact form.

Use Keywords

Using keywords will help others to find you. The top 3 places where you want to have Keywords on your profile are your Headline, the title of your experience, and your summary as well. Everybody uses search now, and the same is happening on LinkedIn. So if you are a Marketing Consultant, write that in your profile name to increase the chances that you will appear in the search results for that phrase. As for the summary, let’s be honest, if somebody is going to read anything on your profile it will be your summary.

Include a video on your profile

Very few people include videos, so it’s an easy way to stand out. It also creates a lot deeper connection. And you have to remember that if people are more familiar with a business or with an individual representing business, they are more likely to become your clients.

Get certifications, skills endorsements, and recommendations

They show that you are consistent in learning and also make you stand out from other people. Of course focus on certifications within your niche. Then you want to make sure you get a lot of skills endorsements and recommendations from people you’ve done business with. If you have a following on social media, use it. Sending traffic from these places is a really good idea because it is your audience that already knows you and the people will be willing to endorse you even if they did not work with you. It’s all about social proof, so the better your profile will look the better chances you have to get people interested in making business with you or buying from you.

How to get engagement on your content

“Social media creates conversations, conversations create relationships and relationships creates sales”. That’s the reason to publish content on LinkedIn. When you do that remember that it’s all about your audience and not about you, so you should create content with that in mind. What’s important when you’re posting content is to get engagement fast, because it influences the number of people to which your content will be shown. It’s all about getting people to your content as soon as you release it.

Use hashtags to help people find your content. Tag people on posts to get quick engagement. Especially if you tag people you have good chances that they will react to this post fast. In this way, you will get the engagement in the first hours which will positively influence your content exposure. You can also email the link to your email base, to get this engagement really quick.

Personal Profile or a Company Page

In terms of exposure, it is much better to use a personal profile. The only good reason to have a Company Page is to run ads. Then you can share ads through your personal profile as well.

Does LinkedIn premium give you better exposure

The answer is no. What LinkedIn Premium gives you is better targeting possibilities. So you can add a filter of company size and reach people who meet your desired criteria. You can also view more profiles in a day.

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