Follow unfollow strategy – all you need to know and why it is a bad idea

Follow unfollow strategy is one of the quickest ways to gain Instagram followers but you definitely won’t build an engaged audience in this way.

How follow unfollow strategy works

The mechanism of follow unfollow strategy  is pretty simple, you follow different accounts in your niche with the expectation that they will follow you back. To increase your chances it’s good to engage with these accounts a little bit. So you should like a few photos, or comment on them. This way it is more likely that these accounts will notice you.

Then you unfollow…

So as you see follow unfollow it’s not about liking the content of this people but rather improving your numbers quickly.

How to implement follow unfollow strategy

You can follow unfollow manually or you can use some third party app to do it for you. Although Instagram is changing its algorithm constantly in order to prevent such apps from working.

Even if you do it manually you have to pay attantion not to overdo it , because Instagram algorithm will notice such anomality. You will of course find recommendations on how to implement follow unfollow strategy without the algorithm noticing it. This is for example by following not more than 50 accounts at once. But anyway in my opinion using this strategy makes no real sense, because you’re not growing and audience of high value.

How can you see if somebody is using follow unfollow strategy

Of course you could manually check who has unfollowed you, but it would take a lot of time especially if you have a large number of followers. So it’s best to use one of the available apps in order to see who is using the follow unfollow strategy.

There are a lot of apps on the market some are free some are not. The one that I am using is Followers for Instagram. The option enabling you to check who of the people you are following are following you back is for free. You can easily see the people who unfollowed you recently.

follow unfollow strategy


To sum it all up. I definitely don’t recommend using the follow unfollow strategy. In the and Instagram is a social media platform, where we should socialize. This means engage and interact with other people. The follow unfollow strategy is simply artificial. You don’t get real value users who will interact with you and your content. So it is better to focus on organic methods of growth rather than follow unfollow strategy.

You can read more about that in this article:

How to grow on Instagram organically>>


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