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expert secrets book

In this Expert Secrets Book Review, I want to share with you what were the main intakes for me.

Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secret Book was written by Russel Brunson the founder of ClickFunnels. It focuses mainly on how to build a massive movement and on how to be a leader and expert who is able to sell to people the irresistible offer that he is able to create. So I would say that this book has three parts. The first part is about you as a leader, the second part is about creating an irresistible offer and the third part is about powerful webinars during which you’ll sell your irresistible offer.

Expert Secret Book: The part about you

Becoming a leader, an expert

I found that part of Expert Secret Book very interesting form the affiliate marketer point of view. There are so many affiliates on the market that in order to differentiate yourself from the competition you need this charismatic personality and expertise that you are able to share. with others. In the online world people only buy from people that they know like and trust. That’s why spamming your affiliate link everywhere without providing value and showing yourself simply won’t work.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. The confidence comes with time. Of course there are some lucky people out there who were born with it. But it’s something that you can learn. You just have practice, practice and practice.

Learn other people

The best way to learn is by teaching other people. The main message from this part of the book that I really liked was that you don’t have to be an expert in the sense that you know everything. You just have to be one step ahead of your audience and teach them what you know. In this way both sides are beneficial. You improve by teaching and you provide value to others.

Becoming an attractive character

Becoming an attractive character means becoming a person, character to whom other people can relate to. Again, it doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes it’s ok to have flaws because in this way people will relate to you more, because you’re real and natural. You should never pretend that you’re somebody else and try to create a fake personality, because people will sense that.

Epiphany bridge story

To connect more with your audience it is good to share your epiphany bridge story, that is a kind of origin story. This means sharing with your audience what brought you to being in that point in life. What happened that motivated you to start this online journey, to the place that you are now. Many times it will be some impactful event I your life that made you realise that you need a change. It’s about sharing what was the impulse that made you decide to do something with your life to change it and improve it.

What I realised reading Expert Secrets Book

The interesting thing that I realized when I was reading the Expert Secret Book was that I already heard most of these concepts from Super Affiliates before. And why is that? Because all these people have already read this book and are applying these concepts on every day basis. I’m sure of that because I’ve heard them using the same examples mentioned in the Expert Secrets Book. That proves that all these concepts are not just theory. They clearly must be working!

Expert Secret Book: The part about creating an irresistible offer

Choose your market

First of all Russel discusses about how to choose the right market . Once you have your market defined, you have to ask your market what they need. Never come up with a product or offer that you thing is great before you actually asked your market about it. And I can confirm that from my own experience from working in a corporation. There were so many times that we’ve implemented a product or service that was nearly perfect and had all these amazing parameters. Yet our clients did not want to buy it.

The difference between a product and an offer

It is important to understand the difference between a product and an offer. The offer is a lot more than a product. There are some extra benefits connected with the product and responding to the market needs. Russel also provides a lot of information on how to create a stack, to make the buyer buy at this very moment.

Expert Secret Book: The part about powerful webinars

The last part of the book is focused on how to conduct powerful webinars. Webinars during which you as a leader and expert will sell your irresistible offer.

Differences between webinars and launches

Webinars are best used in the front end of your business. You can promote a webinar funnel to a cold audience and once you do it, you can repeat It and repeat it with other groups of people. The goal is to convert a stranger into a first time buyer. It is usually done on a one time video event. Launches are best used at the back end of your business. When you want to bring a new offer to your existing audience. Launches are usually done in a series of videos, where the last one is focused on selling an offer.


If you are an affiliate marketer, an online entrepreneur, a business owner you will certainly benefit from reading Expert Secrets Book . I would definitely encourage you to do it. The cool thing is that Russel offers it for free. All you have to do is cover the shipping costs.


expert secrets book


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