Do I need SSL certificate for my blog?

Do I need SSL certificate? What is it for? These are questions that appear in our head when we are running a site or a blog. Of course, whether you need SSL certificate for your site depends on your current content and future plans. If you intend to sell products on your site SSL certificate is a must, because you have to ensure proper protection of your users’ data. For people who just want to share content without selling products, it is an option to consider not something that is necessary. Anyway, I will explain, why it is good to think about SSL certificate for blog already at the start of your blogging journey.

What is SSL certificate

Let’s start by explaining what the SSL certificate is. The shortcut SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and it creates an encrypted connection between the users’ browser and the server. You can see if a site is using an SSL certificate, there will be a lock icon before the address and the address itself will start with https instead of http.

do I need SSL certificate

Do I need an SSL certificate if I don’t sell anything?

First of all, even if you don’t intend to sell products when you start blogging, it may change with time. You may want to monetize your blog at some point by launching an online product solving your audience problems in a more complex way than a blog post. In such case, SSL certificate is a must, because you’ll have to implement online payments.
Another thing is that SSL certificate ads credibility to your site. Researches show that many users think that their data is not secure enough on the internet. So having secured connection you’ll show your audience that you care for the protection of their data.

It’s easier to implement when you start

It is way easier to implement the SSL certificate for blog at the beginning because you will not struggle with possible content duplication. Many blog owners had their sites duplicated – one version with http and other with https after implementing SSL certificate for blog. Of course it is an issue that can be fixed, but if you j make sure you have the SSL certificate from the very beginning, you will avoid this problem.

Do I need SSL certificate to rank better in Google

SSL certificate is also supposed to help your Google ranking, which is crucial for getting traffic to your blog. It is not clear to which extent it helps your rank at the moment but for sure it is a way Google is going to follow. So even if the difference in ranks is not clearly visible now, it will become bigger in the future.
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So if you still ask yourself the question “Do I need SSL certificate?” here are 5 good reasons to consider implementing it today:

  • It protects the data of your subscribers
  • it improves site credibility
  • it’s crucial if you decide to sell an online product in the future
  • Your SEO ranks are improved
  • It’s easier to implement at the very beginning


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