Business Instagram account – is it worth switching?

Most of us started with a personal account and wonder if it’s worth switching to the business Instagram account. Well, like with everything there are pros and cons and you have to make a decision for yourself. I will try to go through the advantages and disadvantages in order to make the choice easier for you.

Business Instagram account – advantages

The main advantage of business Instagram account is the analytics. Yes, that’s what we are all most interested in.  All these information allows us to make improvements in the types of content that we post on our profile. So that it suits best our audience expectation.

Profile Insights

Profile insights are devided in three categories: activity, content audience. In activity part you’ll be able to check the statistics on number of impressions, interactions and reach. In content section you’ll have access to statistics concerning feed posts and stories. And in audience , obviously, you’ll be able to learn more about your followers.  Where are they from, how old are they, what is their gender etc.
Remeber that Instagram will show you insights concerning followers if your account has at least 100 of them. So if you’re just starting, you have to be a little bit more patient.

Post Insights

You will have access to insights concerning each and every post separetly as well. This includes the number of impressions and how many of them were form how, hashtags or other.

Contact buttons

Another advantage is the fact that you can add an email button to your biography and that you can make your biography longer.

You can add links to Instagram Stories, which can be an interesting option if you run a business and want to lead people directly to a product page for example.

Business Instagram account – disadvantages

The one and only disadvantage of business Instagram account is the fact that you can expect that Instagram will cut down your reach. So your content will be shown to a lesser audience than it was before, unless…you pay for it of course.

Taking a look at what happened on Facebook, where the reach of business profiles has been gradually dropping it is quite a huge risk. Although if you are starting a new Instagram account just now, you can go for the business one straight away. It is more likely that your reach will not be cut down by Instagram, if you do it form the start.


There are obviously many advantages of switching to the business Instagram account and in my opinion it is worth doing at least for a while. You’ll be able to spot general trends concerning your users and content. Than you can always switch back to the personal account without any concequences.

As to the reach of your posts – some of Instagramers notice a huge difference in reach after changing and some of them don’t. You have to check it yourself.

The good news is, that you can switch back and forth between the personal and business Instagram account.

Instagram Tip

For those interested in a longer bio on a personal account – follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your long bio.
  2. Change into business account.
  3. Paste your prepared bio.
  4. Change back to personal account 🙂


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