Become a millionaire with affiliate marketing

I had the pleasure to interview Builderall Top Affiliate and 6 Figures Earner – Liam James Kay. In this interview he shares information about his journey to become millionaire with affiliate marketing.

The journey to become successful with affiliate marketing

Agnieszka: How long did it take you to come to these amazing results in affiliate marketing?

Liam James Kay: I acctually started on this journey , trying to make money online, about a year ago now. 9 months ago I’ve started to take it more seriously. And I’ve started to build on that and then in the last couple of months it is when it really started to explode and my earnings have gone through the roof. But in total it’s been about a year.

Reason to choose affiliate marketing

Agnieszka: What was your motivation? Did you have a normal job before. How did you come up with this idea to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Liam James Kay: I was in a normal job and then I quit my job which was just over a year ago. And I’ve started to find ways of making money online, like small ways, not making a great deal of money. And then I thought this could actually work quite well, I could take it more seriously, so I set my self the crazy challenge of wanting to become a millionaire before the age of 30. Which was a crazy idea and I didn’t really know how I was going to do it. But I just set myself that goal. And then to make myself accountable I created a YouTube channel following my progress as I try to become a millionaire. And then during that I was looking at different ways. One of the ways that I’ve discovered was affiliate marketing. But when I first started, I didn’t realize how much money you could make form affiliate marketing. I thought you could make like  extra couple of hundreds pounds a month . But it’s really taking off. And I’ve really focused in on affiliate marketing now and that’s kind of my main source of income.

Builderall or other affiliate products

Agnieszka: Do you focus mostly on Builderall or do you promote other affiliate products as well?affiliate marketing builderall

Liam James Kay: So at the moment, mainly it’s Builderall. I have tried different programs, but I’ve found that Builderall is like the best one. It’s got the recurring income, it’s membership based and it’s low in price as well. So a lot of people can actually get access to it and sign up. And also it’s a good platform and it solves a problem. And I think, when you look at affiliate marketing , affiliate products, it’s quite hard it’s hard to find something which ticks all of the boxes. And I think Builderall does a really good job at that. So I’ve kind of stopped most other things and focused in on Builderall and that’s how I’ve managed to get to becoming the top affiliate of Builderall. I still do promote other things on the side, that help people to promote Builderall. Like traffic, like solo ads and I earn money of that. A few other little things but mainly  it’s Builderall, yeah.

Focus on one affiliate product

Agnieszka: So for someone who’s just starting with affiliate marketing, the best would be to focus on one product?

Liam James Kay: Yeah, because when I started, as I say I was trying too many different things at once and that’s why I didn’t have that much success. But recently, I’ve just laser focused in on Builderall and just set a goal with that and that’s how I’ve noticed my sales and my earnings have absolutely exploded. So if I could give any advice to anyone it would be, stop trying to do too many things at once. Just find one product, whether is Builderall or something else. But Builderall is a good one. Focus in on that and then just do that every day until you get to the level where you want to be at. And that’s probably the best way to do it.

Traffic sources

Agnieszka: Do you also recommend to focus on one traffic source or to try different things? How to approach the promotion of this product?

Liam James Kay: With traffic sources it’s just that there are so many different ways of promoting it. And lots of them do work. The majority of my traffic which I use to roll  Builderall is actually free traffic. So really looking at the moment of time, because we’ve got access to all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. So I think first and foremost, it’s really important to just get on those and just post as much content as you can. And start to build a brand and get people to know you. And then you could also promote, like, Builderall and all your affiliate products through that as well. After people start to trust you. I think that’s a really good one to do. And then for paid traffic, there are so many different once. I’ve tried Facebook Ads in the past and that worked. But then they’ve became very strict, especially with make money online and affiliate marketing. So the thing that I’m leaning towards now is solo ads, which is email adverts. But I think for beginners, starting out, they should mainly focus on free traffic and building that social media profile.

How to differentiate from competition

Agnieszka: Do you have any tips on how to stand out from the competition on social media?

Liam James Kay: I think the secret to why I’m doing quite well on YouTube and things like that is because I’m just documenting my journey. So people want to subscribe to my YouTube channel because they want to see whether I make it to hit my million pounds, become a millionaire before the age of 30. So, set a big goal and then create some social media accounts around that. Like you’re going to hit a certain target , become a millionaire or something like that. And then just document that. And you’ll actually find that a lot of people will want to follow you, because they want to see whether you make it or not. And then you can start to promote to them via that. And I think also being consistent is important. Also post quality over quantity. So I don’t post everyday on YouTube or everyday on  Facebook, which some people do and think it’s a better strategy. But what I’ve found more successful is just posting high quality content. So if I think like ‘ve got something to say, like a video that’s going to almost go viral, then I’d rather put it up. And I think it’s the best way to do it in my opinion.

Agnieszka: Also when you know you have to record a video every single day it becomes tiring and you don’t find any pleasure in doing that.

Liam James Kay: I’ve tried to that a little while ago. I was not doing that every day but I was trying to do that more consistently. And that’s when I’ve just ran out of ideas. And then what happens is you start to delude your videos and just split them over across like four videos for one subject. So I would rather just focus on one video, make it really good and pop that out there. Rather than posting too much.


Agnieszka: You have a big scale of your activities now. Do you do everything on your own or do you have some people who help you? Are you outsourcing some things?

Liam James Kay: I’ve got a virtual assistant now, because I’ve got some Facebook groups. And I have to approve people to join that groups and it just takes too much of my time. So I have people to do that, just go through , like approve people . Sometimes just adding people to email lists, so just small tasks. But I think going forward , that’s what I need to do more of, because  I really enjoy what I do and I end up doing too much myself which is holding me back a little bit. So I need to try outsource a bit more in the future.

Solo ads

Agnieszka: I have a question about solo ads. You said you used that source of paid traffic. Do you manage to get sales straight away from them or it’s at the later stage. In the follow up email sequence?

Liam James Kay: So with solo ads it’s sending your link out to the someone else’s email list . And they are a little bit hit and miss. But I don’t always get sales . I do have some funnels where they do sales most of the time , like breakeven. So almost like you get 1 sale , per solo ad run. But more often it’s not. It’s in the follow up email s. So it’s building the trust. So I just use it as, I’m going to send out this solo ads and trying to build my email list . So I’m just trying to get as many emails as I can, so I can follow up with them afterwards. So as long as you know that you’re building your email list , it’s not too much of a worry if you make a sale or not.

Email list

Agnieszka: And after your follow up email sequence is ended (which is around 6 or 7 emails), do you go back to these people again with Builderall? Or do you promote different products to them later on?

Liam James Kay: Usually, if I’m doing solo ads , I will promote to them for about a week the same product, which I’ve originally promoted to them . And then they get added to another email list which is a general tips and then I’m promoting, like, warrior plus products and other affiliate products. But then in future, if something happens , there is a new launch , or new product for Builderall , I’ll just send out to whole email list and retarget them again.

The Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge

Agnieszka: And tell me how did you come up with an idea for the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge, because it is very interesting . And it’s one of your best funnels.

Liam James Kay: Yes, I’ve made a lot of funnels over the past year. And a lot of them haven’t worked and then basically the Million Dollar Challenge is like the third version of this same type of funnel, which is a viral funnel. And I was just trying to think of a way to get as many sales as I could. And help my team to get sales. Because I’ve got a lot of people signing up under me for Builderall. And I give them my funnels but they not always make sales.  So I was trying to make a funnel that was almost like a viral loop. And I’ve just came up with this idea of helping a thousand people earn a thousand dollars a month . And it’s going really well.

Agnieszka: And also people like challenges.

Liam James Kay: Yeah, I think that was it as well. Because it’s a 30 day challenge. And they can get a refund  and everything worked kind of really well for that one. It’s going really well.

Agnieszka: Do you know, approximately, how many people are now taking part in the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge?

Liam James Kay: Because it’s not just me, it’s been passed down, level by level, I’ve lost count of who’s taking part in it. But I think it’s, like, 8 000 people in the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge Facebook group now. And I’m getting a lot of commissions form that every day. So it’s going crazy, yeah. It’s just keeping to grow as well. Like I took a couple of weeks off, after I won the competition and I came back, and the group had just exploded. Loads of people are posting , so it’s working really good.

The real passive income

Agnieszka: So you finally reached this level, that it’s literally passive income. So you could just stop doing anything, and the money would keep coming.

Liam James Kay: Yes, this is it. It’s because Builderall is membership based , I could just stop now and it would keep earning. An I’ve got YouTube videos and funnels which are still promoting it to get new people to sign up . So yes, I could just totally stop and the money would, in theory, keep coming in. But I’ve got a goal of wanting to become millionaire , so I just have to keep building on that and try to get more and more and more.

YouTube traffic

Agnieszka: One more question about YouTube. Do you still get traffic from the older videos? Or they kind of disappear after some time and you have to keep on adding new ones to get traffic from YouTube?

Liam James Kay: I’ve got a video, which I’ve created a while ago, when I first started and that still gets traffic. That’s because it’s also ranked on Google, when you type in Builderall. And I’ve got another video for a different affiliate product , which is still at the top of the search, which I created after a year ago as well. So if you get a good video and this is why I try to put out a high quality videos, which will stand the test of time . And stay at the top of the search.  Because then there is a good chance of that staying up there for a while.

Agnieszka: Did you take any courses on how to rank on YouTube? Or did you learn everything on your own?

Liam James Kay: Just by trying. And I’ve watched some videos on YouTube, of other people. Tips and things. But it was just a case of trying an putting the keywords and the descriptions and the tags and things like that. Just keep trying.

Final thoughts on affiliate marketing

Agnieszka: Do you have anything to add?

Take action! Because I really wish that I would’ve started on this journey with Builderall and affiliate marketing, like, 10 years ago. Because the amount of money in it, the way it’s been going in the last 12 months is absolutely crazy. So if you are still thinking about taking part, then you should go for it. And the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge which  I’ve created is the perfect way to start. Because everything is there for you, so just give it a click and go for it.

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