A blog or a website for your business?

A blog or a website? I’m often asked that question by people who are about to start their business online. There is no one good answer of course. Everything depends on the type of business you’re running. So let’s dive into the differences and similarities to make it all more clear for you!

A blog or a website – main differences

First of all, a blog is a type of website, a dynamic website on which the main page is constantly changing because of content updates.

A website is more static. It is more like your company’s online catalogue or brochure. It will be more effective for businesses that deliver many different products or have online shops.

Advantages of static website

Many companies opt for the static website because of the simple reason – it demands less regular work. You create it once and then just update it from time to time.
It may be also a good choice for businesses that deliver many different products that they want to present or for business that want to run an online shop.

Advantages of a blog

The big advantage of a blog is that by constant content updates it has a lot bigger chances to position well in search engines. It means generating traffic to your website for free and increaseing your online exposure without much additional effort. And this is the ultimate goal of every site – generating traffic and converting it into leads and later into future clients.

Another big benefit of a blog is the fact that it is easier to manage relation with your audience and build credibility. A blog gives you a bossibility to deliver valuable content and position yourself, or your company, as an expert in selected domain.

Costs and content updates

In general blogs are considered to be cheaper to build, mainly because you’ll be able to manage the content yourself if you use a platform like wordpress.
To create a static website you’ll most likely need the help of a profesional web developer. And if thereĀ  won’t be any CMS (Content Management System) you won’t be able to make the updates and changes yourself.


Whether it’s a blog or a website that is better for your business depends mainly on the type of your business.

Bellow I summarize the main differentiator of both types of websites to make the decision easier for you.


  • Enables to maintain relationship with the audience (customers/ potential customers)
  • Good for search engines – free traffic
  • Easier to manage (publish content)
  • Content has to be published regularly

Static website

  • Good for presenting products and services
  • Good for advertising (promotional banners etc.)
  • More difficult to update on your own
  • Doesn’t require constant updates (although they are well seen by the search engines, so never forget about it!)

In reality the best option for you may be also a connection of both. Why choose between a blog or a website, if you can use the benefits of both?

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